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Building a Knowledge Infrastructure to Support Place Based Policy in Canada
This article discusses importance of access to relevant data to support the development of effective place-based policy in Canada.  Reviews the Community Social Data Strategy and the FCM Quality of Life Reporting System as two initiatives that have advanced the development of a national knowledge infrastructure. Article available online at:

What Has Happened To Humility

When the myths have all been dispelled, humans will only have reality; and that has always been a dilemma for humankind.  The fundamental truth of our reality can be found in the unknown: the mystery that is life.  This mystery is still beyond the realm of human thought and imagination and evident only in the world of the spirit and faith.  Spirit and faith are the very essence of humility, of caring and of humanness.

Peace – What Price Tag

My niece recently introduced me to the government’s Arts and Letters Awards competition and its various opportunities for artists.  It is an excellent source for artists and writers to share their work.  The theme of this year’s essay contest is the “Promotion of Peace and Harmony in the World: Does Peace have a Price Tag?  There can be no arguing that peace is an imperative for the longevity of the human societies and perhaps human life.

Does Rural have Value

We have been witnessing for many years the depletion and diminishment of rural living and subsequently rural communities.  This is very evident in statistics; the percentage of people living in areas considered rural in Canada has been declining for generations.    This has perhaps been more significant in Newfoundland, with the concentration of population in St. John’s and the Avalon Peninsula and the rapidly declining rural population.

The Beauty of Small

The President of BP recently caused a flutter in many circles when he stated, during a speech, “we care about the small people".  He was referring to the people most affected by the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, those whose livelihoods will be dramatically affected and whose way of life will be torn asunder.  

Reclaiming Community and Our Lives

The concept of family and community has been, and continues to be, eroded in modern society.  One might feel that they both are in danger of extinction.  

'Us' quotes

To inspire you on your journey together for a better world
'Us' quotes to inspire you on your journey together for a better world.

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Community as Identity

Community as Identity