Submitted by kszabo on July 4, 2017 - 5:40am

2 younger men

Like Wolves

Were in the Grove Today

‘All we desire is bullet’

To take what we want

To get through our day


One was shooting heroin,

The other filled his need

Smoking off of tin foil


I asked them can I join you

I use this picnic table, see

I mart art to leave around

Pain rocks,

Decorate the trees


‘Welcome said the wolves’


Truly I felt some trepidation

All violent bluster were they

Slowly the conversation turned

My way

They became humans


I wanted to hold near


No one does for us they said

Why should we give a damn

We have been hurt and so abused


‘Violence, Anger for our gain’


I painted a heart on some driftwood

Wrote ‘Peace may all Attain’

Love is the only answer

Bitterness causes only more pain


I told them of my humble dream

To strengthen our communities

Help each other

Find our gifts

Build bits of human unity


We chatted for 2 hours

They remind me of my sons

One left with a bead necklace

I gave a few fabric paints to other

2 smokes

2 Cereal bars

Smiles on their faces


Shook hands to meet each other


Told them why I vigil

My fears

That need strong light

I pass a little part

Of my heart

To wish them a good day


I continue to embrace

Those who appear

I tell of a mother

Whose death I hold dear

On This journey I must take

To face my own world fears.



I am  also the organizer of Fambul Tok: A Celebration of Peace, Forgiveness and Community. This event in happening August 20th in Surrey, BC. If you would like to support this vision and the possibility of healing and forgiveness, you are welcome to contribute via my GoFundMe Account here.