Picnic Table Views

Submitted by kszabo on June 26, 2017 - 3:41am


So very many homeless

So many reasons expressed

Vulnerable and human

Sharing their how's and why's

Tears flow, sometimes we cry, confessed


Every day I quietly listen

Encourage where I can

I feel each one is family

Compassionately, my heart, understands

Sharing such knowledge 


Real lives feel full of pain

Laughter, pride, shame

Loneliness and isolation

Broken and not the 'same'

The struggle is truly real



Don't mind me, I am crazy

I hear it like a refrain

A little human tenderness

Eyes light up like flames

Don't we all have an extra 5 minutes?


If all could only listen

Love more when we can

Build our strengths together

One by one we'd lift up

Our sisters and fellow man


But the world is in a hurry

Fear, judgement, worry

Hurtling through space

This small Human Village

All we need is Grace


Slowly, beautifully I see

So many loving hearts, giving

Hugs, hope, just like me.

There is nothing here, folks

Without caring community



I am long dead already

100 years (max) much too few

We all can give more Love

Start where we stand

Become peace keeping 'Man'


The only work worth striving for

Is a healthy, kind tomorrow

Time is only, ever,  borrowed

I believe in our future

If more Love can be nurtured.


So I will stand up daily

Shine as bright, as I can

Pulse out my joy at existence

Hold hands if there's a chance

Survivors of a long line.


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