Resilience and Relationships

Submitted by Christie Nash on April 24, 2016 - 10:10am
Resilience Talks Learning Series Pt 1 with Milton Friesen and Liz Rykert

In this session, Resilience and Relationships, Milton Friesen interviewed complex organizational change and technology expert and President of Meta Strategies, Liz Rykert. In this informative conversation, they explore how social patterns influence our ability to cope with difficulties and examine practical examples of projects that build social resilience- what makes them successful and challenges they face.

The recording of their conversation can be found below along with the presentation slide deck. Please share it with your networks, colleagues and friends! We also had a number of thoughtful questions and comments from the audience both during the webinar as well as through social media - check out the Resilience Talks Storify to catch the conversation. 

Looking to keep learning?

  • If you are interested in exploring Resilience and Space, please join Milton for the second part of this four-part series. Milton will be joined by Emily Munroe, Executive Director of 8-80 Cities a Canadian-based non-profit organization that takes a ground-up approach to inspire cities and communities to reach their potential as people places.
  • Please join us at our annual Deepening Community national gathering taking place in Edmonton, AB on June 7-9, 2016. We are working with a number of local partners from this CoP to help promote the event and make connections on the ground to ensure this event is dynamic and inspiring. Learn more about this gathering, and be sure to check out all contest details on our #nbrhdhero webpage!

  • Next month, Michael Jones will convene a number of special guests to bring you a second learning series on Communities of Belonging which will feature stories and perspectives centered around four timeless underlying patterns of place.

  • We are also hosting two very important webinars that you won't want to miss: An Other Kingdom on April 28th with John McKnight, Peter Block and Walter Bruggeman, and Promise Neighbourhoods with Michael McAfee.

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