Neighbourhoods text.


Tamarack is connecting neighbourhood leaders from across the country to establish a Neighbourhood Strategy Leaders Community of Practice. 

City Leaders with established neighbourhood strategies will be convened as a peer learning network. Resources and insights from the network will be harvested and shared to make the work of building strong neighbourhoods easier and more effective. The peer network will help develop a Promising Practices guidebook and curriculum for creating sustaining strong, robust neighbourhood action and identifying shared initiatives that could further enhance their collective work.

On this page we will be sharing:

  • Robust neighbourhood strategies to highlight current practices, opportunities, challenges, needs & insights and collaborative opportunities that advance the neighbourhood agenda in Canada 
  • Resources & knowledge from Tamarack’s Action for Neighbourhood Change project and website 
  • Sector leader insights garnered from the Neighbours Community of Practice
  • A comprehensive guidebook for effective neighbourhood engagement and action 
Check back again soon for the latest resources and insights!