Reflections from Assissi - Seekers Journal! November 2012

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The Seekers Journal - November 2012


Fall is a time of change. Nature paints a beautiful picture of this concept: the leaves change into vibrant hues before falling on the ground. Their season has come and gone and they leave room for the new buds that will appear in the spring. This changing of seasons can lead us to question what changes we have made this year and what changes we might want to make moving forward.

Join us online in this November edition of Seekers Journal. Discover and learn new ways to connect to your community and how to make it a better, more accessible place for everyone. We hope you'll join us in this journey and share your comments, stories and insights online as we continue to explore and learn together about the power of community.


Reflections from Assissi By: Paul Born

Photo courtesy the Fetzer Institute
Reflections from Assissi: Paul's Series of Blogs from his trip to Assissi at the Fetzer Institute's Conference on Love and Forgiveness.

Forgiveness @smphoto heart shaped hands @ luckophotography picnic kids with large earth ball @ morganl Can a Community Forgive?
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Engage with Paul >> Yes we can Love
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Engage with Paul >> Recognizing our Neighbors as an Essential Value
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Engage with Paul >> For our Children
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Eli WinterfeldLet the Community Begin
By: Eli Winterfeld
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Engage with Eli >> Alex WeatherheadThere is No Them, Only Us
By: Alex Weatherhead
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Engage with Alex >> Joyce Hollyday Onion Day
By: Joyce Hollyday
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Engage with Joyce >> Rachel BrnjasAn Introduction and Some Reflections
By: Rachel Brnjas
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One Thousand Conversations about Community to Shape our Future Reflections on the Campaign's Progress Thus Far [By: Derek Alton]

Conversation @ Leonardo Patrizi Over the last two months I have been fortunate to take part in over fifty conversations about community. Some of these conversations have been one-on-one chats over coffee. Others have been medium sized conversations with a group of three-to-six friends, and others still have been a rather chaotic discussions with thirty plus people. Each conversation has had its own unique feel and flavour…

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Pocket Neighborhoods

Neighbourhood @alephx01Here are some great ideas of how to engage with your neighbors! Common areas, community gardens, within apartments and many more ideas are listed on this great document.

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On Thursday, November 29th, 2012: Creating the Future of your Community with Hildy Gottlieb.

On January 29th - 31st, 2013: Evaluating Community Impact Workshop: Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes in Calgary, AB

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