Nudged into the Unknown - Seekers Journal - January 2014

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The Seekers Journal - January 2014

Closeup of hands holding green plant indicating teamwork © Yuri As we walk into a new year, may we celebrate all the opportunities that lie ahead of us; opportunities to: offer hospitality, to go outside of our comfort zones, to grow a passion or desire in us or in someone else, to inspire others to be their best selves, to reflect on our learning, and to continue in our journeys with each other.

The blogs and resources in this issue will inspire you to reflect and consider how we might make the world a better place in 2014.

There is much in store for Seeking Community in 2014:

  • Paul Born is releasing a new book (Deepening Community: Finding Joy Together in Chaotic Times)
  • We will be having another gathering in June
  • We have secured a group of Thought Leaders who will help guide our community
  • Our 1000 Conversations campaign continues to grow with a number of partnerships
  • Our online platform will be getting a face lift
  • And more!
We will keep you posted on these changes and are so excited you are joining us in making our communities more vibrant and connected!


Nudged into the Unknown [By: Rebecca Seiling]
Barefoot walk on the beach © MadeByEve

During the first week of a new school year, I told my children: "It's not your job to get the best marks, or be the fastest in the class. Your job is to notice people. Who is feeling left out? Who feels less important? Go to them. Offer hospitality." I want my children to have a strong sense of home and hearth as one that travels with you wherever you go, and one that is shared with others.




1000 Conversations bricks banner

Our First Partnership:

Delburne, AB has been selected as one of the ten partnerships for this campaign. We are so grateful to have had such amazing support and energy from so many in the community, already. It's been above and beyond!


We would love for you to host your own community conversation!
To get our Conversation Guide, click here.

A NEW BOOK BY JOSEPH SCHAEFFER: A Sneak Peek of You've Got to Have a Dream

Holding hands, multiracial couple in love © franckreporter ...Together they ask a fundamental question: "How shall we live community with each other?" We are different from each other as individuals but equal as human beings. We are interested in each other. We acknowledge and try to understand each other. We cannot know for sure what will happen next. Still, we must experience and create values, customs and laws together that work for all of us.



Group of people holding hands © Robert Churchill Joey Edwardh is the Executive Director of Community Development Halton, a research and development organization that serves Halton's non-profit agencies and community organizations. Joey's team put together an amazing resource called, Where We Live Matters: Place-Based Neighbourhood Work - A Review, Promising Practice and Approach.

During this Community of Practice call, Joey leads us on an exploration of this document: what inspired this investigation, some of what they discovered, the role of an "animator" who enlivens and encourages development in community, funding for work that is hard to measure, and more! For the audio of this call, click here!


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