Fresh September and New Beginnings

Submitted by Devon Kerslake on September 16, 2016 - 9:24am

Seekers Journal September 2016 Edition

Can you feel the change in the brisk, Fall air? I have always loved that back to school excitement - the feeling of new beginnings and the opportunity to focus on a long-term goal. Our practice area, Deepening Community, continues to build on a strong foundation, with our eyes fixed on the long-term goal of creating greater, shared understanding of the power of community and neighbours and making it a central organizing principle in the work of community change. We are so excited to have you join us in building momentum around the importance of strong neighbourhoods and communities and have some big ideas for how to continue making this happen in the year ahead.

Speaking of joyous new beginnings: As some of you already know, my colleague, and dear friend, Christie Nash has moved on to an amazing opportunity with a rapidly growing, strategic communications business. This new opportunity enables her to work part-time and balance her work demands with those of her young family. Sylvia and I consider ourselves fortunate that, in spite of this change, Christie will continue to work with us as an associate. As we look to to the year ahead, we want to acknowledge the incredible passion, talent, joy and knowledge that Christie has contributed to Deepening Community.

In this edition of the Seekers Journal, I share shining examples of the way neighbourhoods and communities can truly thrive – and the ripple effects these community innovations are having far and wide. Below, please join me in savouring a small selection of some great content the members of our Learning Community have been sharing. I also hope this inspires you to take a few moments and share with us your own stories and insights on deepening community!
And, as always, I welcome you to share your stories.




Deepening Community Changed my Life

Emanuel Jackson grew up in Delray Beach and has always loved the community and the people in it. So, it’s no surprise that when Healthier Delray Beach was established in 2014, he immediately joined the steering committee. Through his involvement in the initiative, Emanuel had the opportunity to attend a Tamarack Institute workshop called “Deepening Community.” This workshop spoke to the power of relationship building – among individuals and local organizations – to create networks that can make radical change within a community and even shift culture.

Emanuel was moved by his experience at the conference and wrote a letter to Palm Healthcare Foundation expressing how it, and his involvement in Healthier Delray Beach, has changed his life...

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Local Deepening Community Initiative

Learn about this unique opportunity to start a LDCI for your community.

Access the brochures and learn more

Join us to Celebrate Community Engagement!

You are invited to enjoy a new art exhibit curated by Tamarack Institute.

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Tips for Planning and Evaluating a Neighbourhood Action Strategy

Looking back on key learnings from Sarah Wakefield.

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The Happy City Experiment

Need a little inspiration? This will help renew you!

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How to Combat Loneliness in the Age of Working Remotely

Reflect on ways that you can improve your connection and wellbeing.

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Community Sport Leagues in Halifax

Reflections on sports and community.

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A Neighborhood’s Inner Strength

By: David Bornstein

At a time when poverty and economic insecurity remain widespread in the United States, how does a very poor community like the Highlands strengthen its capacity to improve itself? What does the possibility of change look like from the vantage point of ordinary citizens who care about their community, but struggle to see a path to a better future?




Neighbourhood Stories

Fun under the grey skies and mud in Foxglove Park

By: Festival of Neighbourhoods

It was easy to plan and simple to do, but the results were worth so much. Neighbours connecting, sharing, showing support for their community, and having fun together! The success of this first event in Prosperity neighbourhood has encouraged neighbours to think about other events to share experiences and make their neighbourhood a better place to live.





Beyond the Olympics/Paralympics

By Al Etmanski

There is a lot to learn from Brazil’s social movements. Its citizens have been largely left to their own devices to deal with 500 years of pillaging and the resultant inequity and disparity.

Brazil is so much more than the stories that were circulating during the Paralympic/Olympic games. What was missing was any coverage of Brazil’s continuing contribution to social change. To whet your curiosity here are five world class social movements. Check them out:


Learn from Leaders in the Field at this Incredible Event:

Community Change Institute
September 26-30, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario

We are excited to announce that the first ever Community Change Institute is being held in vibrant Toronto, Canada this Fall from September 26 - 30, 2016. Our cities, the places we live, provide amazing opportunities for resilience in these disruptive times. The Tamarack Institute Team has worked over the last year to re-think and re-build our annual five day learning event to respond to this challenge.

Join us, along with world-renowned thought leaders Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Roger Martin, Frances Westley, and Stephen Patrick. Join these incredible speakers and our learning community for the first ever Community Change Institute being held in vibrant Toronto, Canada.

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Learn Online with these Inspiring Webinar Series:

 Collective Impact Webinar Series
Each of the 1-hour sessions in the series will focus on discussions around each of the key elements for Collective impact. You will learn about the elements and review some tools that will help guide planning for that element. 
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Community Change Institute Webinar Series
With the CCI fast approaching, each 1-hour webinar in this series will focus on a different theme that will be featured at the event. Each webinar will also bring in both faculty from the event, such as Liz Weaver and Paul Born, as well as Keynote speakers, such as Stephen Patrick and Severn Cullis-Suzuki, to provide an introductory conversation around key topic areas such as the art of disruption and collective impact.
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Online/Dial-up Conversations with John and Peter
Next Conversation: Supporting Local Communities
Tuesday, October 11, at 1:00 pm Eastern with Lisa Hadden
In her work with the Michigan Area Health Education Center executive director Lisa Hadden has developed creative wways to get medical professionals oriented to support rather than control local partners.
John, Peter and their guest talk for about a half hour, then open the conversation up for questions and insights from listeners.
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