Connecting the Dots - Seekers Journal! March 2012

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The Seekers Journal - March 2012

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Engaging youth in the experiences of community living is a very exciting way to be intentional about sustaining and strengthening our relationships within a community. It is a great way to create local solutions and new opportunities to help build understanding for a sustainable future. Community based education opportunities connect youth more deeply to their own sense of community and creates an impact previously thought unimaginable.

Join us online in this March edition of Seekers Journal as members explore and learn about being intentional within the community that they belong to and exploring new communities to be found. Discover and learn new ways to connect to your community and how to make it a better, more accessible place for everyone. We hope you'll join us in this journey and share your comments, stories and insights online as we continue to explore and learn together about the power of community.


Connecting the Dots - A Trip down to Jubilee Partners [By: Dylan Siebert]

Group thumbs up©franc.jpgTwelve students from Conrad Grebel University College in Waterloo journey down to Georgia to visit an intentional Christian service community called "Jubilee Partners". Ages range from first to fifth-year students all in various studies but with the common goal and interest in seeing first-hand a place where simple, communal living and radical Christian service intersect.

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Raising the Village Laura Dyck
Raising the Village Caleb Gingrich

John Ott - The Power of Collective WisdomAudio Seminar - Community: John Ott - The Power of Collective Wisdom

In this podcast, Paul Born speaks with John Ott about his collective wisdom, the knowledge and insight gained through group and community interaction. Based on nine years of research, John and his colleagues show how to reliably tap into the extraordinary co-creative potential that exists whenever human beings gather together.

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Community: The Structure of Belonging

Check out this podcast! Paul Born interviews Peter Block about his most recent book, Community: The Structure of Belonging.Community: The Structure of Belonging




On Thursday,March 29, 2012: Enhancing Collaborative Leadership with David Chrislip.

On Thursday, April 5, 2012: Working Poor - The Hidden Face of Poverty with John Stapleton.

On Thursday, April 12, 2012: Cost of Poverty with Alexa Briggs and Celia Lee.

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If you have not been active on the site recently, consider posting a blog about your experience of community and your plans for the new year. If you need a new password, just send an email and we'll get you going again. So many people have joined the site in recent months so there are many more people to learn among.


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