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In this seminar, Paul Born shares his thoughts on community and invites friends from all across Canada to join him in exploring some of the key questions and issues that emerge...
Featuring Howard Lawrence, Karen Wilk, Deanne Patsula, and Chantile Shannon
Join Howard Lawrence, Chantile Shannon, Deanne Patsula and Karen Wilk to take in lessons from Edmonton on applying Asset-Based Community Development at the neighbourhood-level.
A webinar recording with Cormac Russell and Paul Born
In this webinar with Cormac Russell, a leading trainer of ABCD, he will help you to move from principles to practice using lessons learned from ABCD sites across the world.
A webinar recording with John McKnight and Paul Born
In this recording, John McKnight and Paul Born cover the basic principles and practices of an asset-based community development approach (ABCD), as well as key factors for implementing an ABCD strategy.
A Tamarack Webinar with Suzanne Brown and Renee Wetselaar
On Thursday April 30, 2015 Tamarack hosted a webinar with guests Suzanne Brown and Renee Wetselaar who shared the Hamilton Neighbourhood Story. This blog features answers to questions we didn't have a chance to get to during the presentation, a link to the podcast, and a copy of the slide deck. Enjoy!
With Al Etmanski
On Thursday March 5, 2015, Tamarack Thought Leader Al Etmanski joined host Sylvia Cheuy for a webinar and first public discussion on concepts emerging from his soon to be released book, Impact: Six Patterns to Scale Your Social Innovation.
A Tamarack Webinar
Michael Jones joins us to share highlights from his latest book: The Soul of Place in which he explores the notion of place and our relationship to it.
Resource Type: Podcast | Speaker: Chené Swart
In this podcast, Chené Swart offers an overview of the narrative practices that she uses to host transformational conversations that enable participants to re-author the stories that shape them as individuals, in organizations and in communities. These new stories then open new possibilities for living into a preferred future.
Resource Type: Audio Seminar | Speaker: Al Etmanski and Vickie Cammack
In this podcast, Al and Vickie share how caring is an essential act of being human and suggest that appreciating the care that already exists is a starting point towards larger social change.
Resource Type: Audio Seminar | Speaker: Jim Diers
In this upbeat podcast, listen as Jim shares his experiences, concerns, and hopes for what resilient, healthy and fun communities can, and do, look like!
Paul Born interviews Peter Block about his latest book on community and belonging;why Peter wrote the book, why he feels community is needed now more than ever and how we might work differently to change our communities for the better.
Vickie Cammack and Zoel Breau share their deep understanding of belonging and inclusion, and speak to creating a revolution in how we perceive and interact with isolated or marginalized people.
In this seminar, Paul Born speaks with John Helliwell, a renowned economist who has gained an international reputation for his pioneering work in incorporating social concepts into economic theories of development and growth.