Slides from the Gathering

Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on June 18, 2013 - 2:33pm


Here are some of the slide shows from our time learning together... (keep in mind, many of the presentations were done without the use of slides, so refer to the daily summaries for an overall view of the curriculum and learning that emerged).


Summary of Learning Highlights from all Three Days 

Singing together: See "Neighbourhood Lyrics" below*

The Learning Continues... See "Learning More with Tamarack Slides" below *

Learning from Experience: Paul John and the City of Hamilton... See "Paul Johnson Presentation" below*

Learning with Jim Diers: See "Jim Diers Keynote Address: below*

Pod Learning:

Learning together: See "Learning Pods Questions and Discussion" below*


People and Place: A Symbiotic Relationship
with Jim Diers

A neighbourhood can provide the key
ingredients for community including a
common identity, gathering. places, and a
vehicle for collective action. A community,
in turn, can strengthen that identity, enliven
the gathering places, and put the vehicle
in motion. This workshop will explore how
empowered communities can transform their
neighbourhoods and how those places, in turn,
can further strengthen their communities.

* See below "Jime Diers People & Place"

Rules and Tools of Engagement
with Jim Diers

If given the opportunity, most people will get
involved in community life including those
who have been marginalized as clients. Jim
Diers will share the lessons of inclusion that he
has learned from his 38 year experience as a
community builder. Workshop p will
also explore a wide range of tools they can use
to engage the entire community.

* See below "Jim Diers Rules & Tools"

Al Etmanski: Poems from Workshop... See below* "Poems of Beauty"

Asset Based Neighbourhood Development
with John McKnight

This workshop will introduce new approaches
to identifying and mobilizing the capacities
of neighbors and their local associations.
These methods are increasingly used by the
new generation of community organizers who
reach beyond advocacy to initiate
neighborhood organizations that create
productive communities.

* See "John McKnight Workshop" below