Storytelling is an ancient form of teaching, and film is a modern take this on this powerful, age-old tool. These are some of our favourite films that open windows onto community. Pop some corn, invite a friend, and enjoy these selections.
A TEDx Vancouver Talk with author of The Happy City, Charles Montgomery
We have a mountain of evidence to suggest that the way we design our cities has a strong effect on how we treat other people.
Transition KW presents Occupy Love and Dirt! The Movie
New thought-provoking documentaries showing in Kitchener-Waterloo.
Transition KW Tools for Change Movies.
Come join us for inspired films and action-oriented discussions as we move the Transition Initiative forward in KW!
Film: Beasts of the Southern Wild
Last Wednesday, my husband and I joined the UWNA to see a movie at the Princess,Beats of the Southern Wild.
Genre: Drama | Reviewer: Paul Born
This Walt Disney film is based on a true story of a struggle that occurred in 1971 in Virginia when the school board replaced the long-time Caucasian football coach with an African American. It is a story about community, integration, and the power of change.
Genre: Drama | Reviewer: Paul Born
This powerful film is based on a true story of community and inclusion in a small town where conformity is standard practice and high school football is serious business. The town becomes transformed by a young boy, Radio, whose differences teach the inhabitants the mutual wonder of acceptance.
Genre: Family | Reviewer: Louise Kearney
A beautiful story about a Maori girl who discovers that her community needs her. All the signs tell her that she must be her tribe's next chief, the only problem is that the chief must be a man.
Genre: Family | Reviewer: Laura Zikovic
A fun story that reminds us what we stand to lose if we don't venture out into our communities. This is a tale of love, adventure, support, and growth for kids of all ages.
Genre: Family | Reviewer: Paul Born
This is a story about ending loneliness by connecting with family and community, in which a stray dog changes the life of a girl and she, in turn, changes her community.
Genre: Family | Reviewer: Sylvia Cheuy
From overcoming feelings of abandonment to cooperating on a near impossible plan, the Toy Story toys offer great, human lessons in the value of friendship and community.
Genre: Documentary | Reviewer: Nola Poirier
From his communal lifestyle, to his work with children's camps, to his fundraising work for the eye care charity SEVA, Wavy Gravy truly does 'put his good where it does the most work.' The story of Wavy and his 'family' shows the power of community to affect those that are part of it, and anyone that is touched by its...
Genre: Documentary | Reviewer: Nola Poirier
The story of the formation of and participation in this 200-piece amateur orchestra in the heart of Kinshasa provides a riveting account of finding community in challenging times.
Genre: Drama/Comedy | Reviewer: Mark Cabaj
A funny and uplifting film about the sacrifices that may be required to mobilize a community, and about the great gains that most often follow.