Love Actually

Submitted by Tamarack on February 21, 2011 - 7:31pm

Love Actually (2003)

If you are looking for a funny, heart-warming movie with a twist, this is it. Love Actually is a hopeful film, starring Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson, that follows the lives of several couples and families over the Christmas holidays.  It is a film of hope, friendship and love. 

This film highlights love, in some of its many forms, as a source of hope in a world in which violence, fear and hatred dominate the media. It encourages us to think about the small things, about moments, meeting people in unexpected ways, and encourages us to reach out to others as friends, family and lovers. 

Once you've watched this film, spending time in an airport will never be the same. The final scenes in this film make a subtle, everlasting statement.

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