Faith Communities - Links and Additional Resources

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A world filled with a plethora of faiths, religions and different ways of thinking presents endless ways of thinking about community and connection. Here are some useful links that can help you develop a deeper understanding of different faith communities and their work. Clicking on the blue text will take you to the website of the organization.

They are organized into the following categories:

Let us know if we have missed something, or if you know of a resource we should include in this section. Email us with your suggestions.

Multi-faith Organizations

Council for Parliament of World Religions - This organization’s mission is to “cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities, and foster their engagement with the world and its other guiding institutions in order to achieve a peaceful, just and sustainable world.”

Pluralism Project - Based out of Harvard University, this is a very informative website about different religions and the ways they are intersecting and connecting in the United States. This website has a comprehensive list of research articles and other resources.

Points of Light Foundation - This foundation strives to help faith groups become more engaged in their communities.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance - This website describes various religions and has articles on religion, peace and conflict, spirituality and ethics, and some “hot topics” such as gay marriage, stem cell research, etc.

Religions for Peace - This organization claims to be the largest coalition of representatives from the world’s religions, working for international peace at the local level.

United Religions Initiative - This initiative strives to bring people of varied faiths and ethnic backgrounds together in a way similar to the United Nations.

Surrey Neighbouring Faiths Program - A free, multifaith program for families of children aged 4-6 years. The Program encourages children to value their own cultural, ethnic, and religious identities. Further, it offers experiences for children to learn to respect and appreciate other peoples’ identities, and to feel a sense of belonging in the broader community.

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Faith-specific Groups

Ida Glaser: The Bible and Other Faiths - This provides a Christian perspective on how to live in a multi-faith society.

Kairos - The official website for this Canadian ecumenical group pursuing social justice initiatives.

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Interfaith Relations

Engaging with Faith Groups - According to a new booklet published by the Economic and Social Research Council, Faith-based Voluntary Action, attempts to get faith groups involved in the wider community must be handled with care. This article points out how and why difficulties may arise in communication between faith groups.

Interfaith Relations & Christian Living - This is a comprehensive study guide intended for Christian adults or youth who want to begin to explore how they can relate faithfully and respectfully to people of other faiths.

International Interfaith Centre - Promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding between different faith groups, this site has a comprehensive list of interfaith resources.

PeerSpirit - Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea head this organization, where they encourage people to listen, reflect and communicate more effectively and on a deeper level. They promote peerspirit councils – a form of group process methodology described in more detailhere. Their website also lists several books they’ve authored on similar topics.

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Further Reading

Diana Eck: A New Religious America - Diana’s book describes religious plurality in the United States and how this currently affects and will continue to impact the country as a whole. Diana Eck is a religious scholar and founder of the Pluralist Project based out of Harvard University.

Faith in Action - This is an evaluation of the Faith in Action Program and its sustainability for the future. This article provides a good resource for anyone wanting to start a new faith organization.

Multi-Faith and Religious Sites List - This is a fabulous resource of links offering information on specific religions, peace networks, religious coalitions and much more! - This website has a section on other faiths, as well as an interesting selection of books. Note, How to be a Perfect Stranger: The Essential Religious Etiquette Handbook.

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