Five Qualities for Cultivating Strong Communities

Submitted by Tamarack on November 24, 2014 - 9:29am

Understanding community has always been central to Dr. Joe Schaeffer’s work. As an academic and teacher he has engaged thousands of people, from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, to answer a single question: What would people be like, within and with each other, in a world that you would like to be part of? Joe has distilled the responses he heard into five qualities of character which are exemplified by people who demonstrate the capacity to create and sustain resilient, strong communities. Joe’s latest book, Living Community, explores these qualities of character and makes an important and unique contribution to the field by moving beyond the "how-to" of community building to focus deliberately and clearly on the attitudes and practices that we must cultivate within ourselves to successfully realize the full benefit and possibility of community. Listen to the seminar to learn more about the five qualities of character for effective community-building.

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