Exploring Belonging in Delburne

Submitted by Christie Nash on June 14, 2016 - 1:15pm

From June 7-9th, 2016 over 160 of the finest minds in neighbourhood building from across Canada and the United states gathered in Edmonton, AB to to explore promising approaches and resources that build resilient communties and neighbourhoods that create relationships of care, stong and connected neighbourhoods, Collective Impact, and resilient communities. 

 With 16 workshops and 4 walk-abouts, these spaces were a time of deep learning, connecting, and sharing.  

One of these workshops was Exploring Belonging in Delburne with Karen Fegan, Nora Smith and Tim Wilson.

The Belonging project brought together over 400 residents of Delburne Alberta in conversations, surveys and photographs.  Four community initiatives emerged from this process which the community is embarking on a new journey to accomplish. This transformative process has helped to bring our vibrant, caring and unique community together. Come check out the Belonging Delburne project; find out where we started; what we have accomplished; and, where we are now. 

Please find attached the slide deck and handouts for this presentation.

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