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Local Deepening Community Initiatives

Submitted by Christie Nash on January 15, 2016 - 4:29pm

Each year Tamarack is committed to partnering with 3-5 local communities who are interested in leading local Deepening Community Initiative projects. This work is part of our commitment to build a national movement of community builders interested in deepening our collective understanding of the power and possibility of community and identifying the programs, policies, and practices that are demonstrating effectiveness in building and sustain strong, engaged communities.


The goal of the Local Deepening Community Initiative is to create an opportunity to engage a diverse cross-section of citizens to craft a shared vision for the future of their community.  The intended outcome(s) of this process is to create and/or deepen a sense of community and belonging for all who take part in this process.  The benefits of this process can include:

      Increasing Community Engagement - Build of a core leadership team to engage fresh perspectives and recruit new individuals to become part of building the desired future for the community;

      Providing a Baseline of Social Capital – This initiative will help to reveal existing relationships and social connections across the community.

      Building Consensus – Create an opportunity to identify and surface opportunities for shared community action to realize a desired future for the community and set priorities; and, 

      Generating/Fostering Compassion – Creating an opportunity to transform relationships between people and reveal their connectedness.  It will help to surface and work with biases and demonstrate how our biases shape our thinking and can limit our perceptions.

      Nurturing Collaborative Leadership – This initiative will encourage participants to identify the assets and resources that can be mobilized in support of community priorities and identify new potential community leaders who can be engaged.


For more information, please download the attached brochure and project overview.