An Other Kingdom

Submitted by Christie Nash on April 29, 2016 - 1:33am

Have a listen to this powerful Tamarack Webinar where Sylvia Cheuy, Director of Deepening Community hosts authors Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann, and John McKnight for an intimate conversation about their new book An Other Kingdom. We invited these gentlemen to join us to discover what has inspired them to write this book together and explore their vision for their proposed paradigm shift.

In their newest book, John, Peter and Walter explore how our seduction into beliefs in competition, scarcity, and acquisition is causing an erosion in our communities and relationships. An Other Kingdom provides a new narrative, a shift in our thinking and speaking, to take us out of a culture of addictive consumption into a place where contract is replaced by covenant, consumption is replaced by neighbourliness, and our time is reclaimed as our own.

Have a listen!