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Beyond Your Front Door in Lethbridge, AB

Submitted by Christie Nash on June 23, 2016 - 7:47am

"The Quality of our lives is affedted by the conditions that exist in the area captured by the view from our front door."

Parada, Barnoff, Moffatt & Homan, 2011

Jerry Firth is the Neighbourhood Development Coordinator for the City of Lethbridge.  In this role he coordinates the Beyond Your Front Door neighbourhood initiative which encourages citizen engagement to create welcoming and inclusive neighbourhoods in Lethbridge. 

The Lethbridge neighbourhood strategy process has only very recently begun. Beginning with a demonstration process  in 2014 to see how Lethbridge would engage in this process, Jerry was happy to announce that in 2016, City Council has formally introduced a  Neighbourhood Development Coordinator position with the City and has mandated a more robust neighbourhood strategy to be developped.

Based in grassroots community organizing and taking an asset-based approach to this work, this strategy is being held within the Community and social development Department,and is based on a framework that is very much based on the social dynamics and social infrastructure of neighbourhoods.

To hear more about what is happening in Lethbridge, have a listen to the presentation.

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