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10 Tools for Neighbourhood and Community Change

Submitted by Christie Nash on June 12, 2016 - 3:18pm

As a follow up to our Deepening Community: Resilient Neighbourhoods ~ When People Care gathering in Edmonton, AB in June of 2016, we collected 10 neighbourhood tools from participants to share with our learning community. 

From creating a labyrinth to sketching your network, organizing skillshares or facilitating a conversation cafe, these tools are innovative, helpful and fun.

Please share these tools and think about which tools of your own you may be able to share to help us grow this neighbourhood toolbox.

1. A Ted Talk by Ernesto Sirolli called "Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!". This tool was presented by Anna Bubel of Another Way in Edmonton.

2. The Parable of the Blobs and Squares to explain the co-production imperative. This video was co-produced by Time Banking UK and based on the book No More Throw-Away People by Edgar Cahn. This tool was presented by Kristyn Cox of Healthier Delray Beach in Florida.

3. A Community Conversation Toolkit (attached). Presented by Mike VanBoom, this is a resource designed by Edmonton's Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative (CRIHI).

4. Community Readiness for Collective Impact (attached) was presented by Heather Keam of the Tamarack Institute.

5. Network Blogging was presented by Susan Dack, Community Recreation Coordinator at the City of Edmonton. This tool is an excellent example of creative ways of sharing tools, resources and information for large groups of people.

6. Looking for that small town feel? Build it in your own neighbourhood with the St. Albert Path to Neighbourhood Connection. This tool was presented by Angie Dedrick and a team of 12 residents from St. Albert, AB.

7. A Neighbourhood Block Party Planning Guide (attached) was developed in partnership with the City of Lethbridge, Beyond Your Front Door, Recreation and Culture, Environment Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Early Years Coalition. This tool was presented by Jerry Firth.

8. A healthy community needs good coffee. Rick Abma, founder of Good Neighbour Coffee, has built a buisness that supports strong and connected neighbourhoods.

9. Dialogue to Change is a tool used by Everyday Democracy to engage in community wide dialogue over the course of 4-6 weeks. Dialogue groups are led by trained facilitators and done from one of many topical study guides which contain materials for every phase of the Study Circles. This tool was presented by Barbara Cheives who has been involved in the dialogues for the past 15 years. Most recently, she worked with an organization to lead dialogues in English and Spanish in Lake Worth, Fla. You can read more about it here.

10. Youth Are Here (attached) is an excellent tool that promotes youth spaces through community mapping. Presented by Judith Khan, this tool was used as part of a youth-led research, mapping, marketing and community development initiative. Please read the attached document for more information on the project and the tool.