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Discussing a vision for Delburne

Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on April 22, 2014 - 12:11pm

Here are some highlights from a community conversation with political leadership in Delburne.


Why is it important that I am here today?

A couple people talked about the importance of leadership both in terms of leading the community but more importantly in terms of listening to the community.

What are some of the benefits of community?

The community rallies together when assistance is needed, giving to and sharing with each other. An example of this is the Pine Lake tornado. Through this, we really learned how to appreciate each other.

Celebrating our centennial brought together many of our organizations to work together and the results that unfolded were highly rewarding for all.

When a community comes together to support a person, in turn, that person pays it forward.  The very act of helping that person helps bring them into the community. It is a powerful experience to see that occur in your own community.

In Delburne, we are not moving mountains just opening doors; creating spaces for new possibilities to emerge.

Community has no boundaries, we must all care for and help each other.

What are some challenges with building community?

Getting people to be involved or even to attend community functions is always a challenge.  Tied to this is how difficult it is to get the information out to people about these events. Or even how to get involved.

Approaching people in the community can be difficult.  People are sometimes highly skeptical asking: Who are you?  What are you doing here?

What is your vision for the community?

  • A sense of pride and ownership in community
  • To be known as vibrant
  • To have a population full to the capacity, that can be handled by its infrastructure
  • To have a beautiful downtown including updating the buildings
  • Industrial growth that helps keeps jobs in the community
  • Amenities in Delburne so people do not need to travel to Red Deer
  • To have enough people to regularly fill the parking spaces in downtown Delburne
  • Children busy laughing
  • Lots of street activity
  • Family participation in community
  • Community center with business involvement
  • Senior housing so people do not have to leave their community as they get older
  • Job opportunities to keep people employed in town
  • Larger tax and volunteer base to support community initiatives
  • Service groups unified together instead of fighting or ignoring each other
  • Welcoming inclusive community
  • Quality restaurants and specialty shops

Other Thoughts:

The group discussed creating a questionnaire for newcomers to ask them what their interests are and then follow-up with them to help them get involved in the community.

The group talked about how many people are feeling isolated. It is important to create a space for people to feel heard to build bridges.

Another idea was to get three people to each bring one friend and make them feel special for getting involved in their community.