Community Conversations continued!

Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth on January 26, 2014 - 12:42pm

Well, this initiative all started as an idea from Paul’s book, "Community Conversations" – and has now turned into a thrilling one-year initiative.

Our Creston Valley Community conversations started 4 moths ago after Paul Born spoke at a CBT symposium in our community. After reading his book, "Community Conversations" our organization created a process in which we could create positive change through collaboration. We've now recieved some funding from Columbia Basin Trust, and the events are gaining momentum.


The first two months were informal and just word of mouth; we had 15 people the first month, and 30 people the second month. This month, January, we received the funding from CBT for help with marketing materials and a food budget to provide dinner. Wednesday Jan 8th, we had 55 people attend a packed music venue, and people were thrilled!


The process is going great so far: see the attached visual flowchart for an idea of our purpose. Residents are really understanding the potential power in collaborating towards a common goal and there is some great data coming out of the visioning and asset mapping sessions.

We’ve got all the logistics figured out and a real good system in place; including website (, Facebook page, relational database for participants, target groups and demographics, etc.

Lots of great new collaborations taking place on their own, just by people conversing with each other during the evening events. So nice to see!

 A BIG thank you to Paul for being the catalyst for this!

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