1000 Conversations Spring Newsletter

Submitted by 1000 Conversations on May 8, 2014 - 6:54am

Happy 2014!

These first three months mark a new phase for the 1000 Conversations Initiative.  We refined our 1,000 Conversations Initiative after piloting it in four communities in 2013 and set a target of partnering with ten local champion organizations to host conversations in their communities that invite citizens to dive deep into the power and possibility of community to act as a driving force for positive social change.

Spring Newsletter

We are really excited to share with you, our fellow journeyers, the new developments from this new phase of over the last few months Newsletter Highlights:

  • Delburne: A Rural Community’s Shared Identity
  • The Vision of Delburne
  • Kitchener-Waterloo: Gathering Together
  • Emerging Patterns in Community
    • Boundaries and Identity
    • Movement a challenge and opportunity
    • Depth Versus Breadth
  • Exciting New Opportunities
    • Deepening Community: A New Book by Paul Born!
    • Community: Programs & Policies: A National Gathering in June
    • Now, It Is Your Turn 

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Thank you for joining us in this journey to, together, learn how to deepen and strengthen community. We look forward to an exciting Spring and will share our learnings again with you in our Summer newsletter.

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