Library Topics

Asset Based Community Development

Harnessing community assets to build momentum for change.


A selection of books about community


A selection of movies with a community theme


Audio from interviews and discussions with many Thought Leaders.

Caring for One Another

Resources about empathy and compassion and tools for care-giving and receiving


Resources to help teachers and parents promote community

Communal Gardening

Urban and rural examples and tools on gardening in community

Communal Housing

Resources about intentional communities, co-housing and housing co-operatives

Community Resilience Tool Kits

Tool Kits and Resources to strengthen community resilience.

Community: Programs and Policies 2014

Resources from our event in June, 2014


Documentation of Community Conversations

Deepening Community 2016

Resources from our event in Edmonton, AB June, 2016

Deepening Community for a Collective Impact

Resources from Paul Born's DC for Collective Impact workshop

Emergency Preparedness

Resources for a community approach to prepare for and respond to disaster

Enjoying Each Other

Resources about the importance of having fun together- the basis of building social capital

Exploring the Idea of Community

Resources about community as a concept/idea

Faith communities

Resources about faith communities and community development

IMPACT Bookinar Series

Resources from our Patterns in Community and Social IMPACT Bookinar Series with Al Etmanski

Local Deepening Community Initiative

Resources on our Local Deepening Community Initiatives

Neighbourhood Change

Approaches to locally-driven neighbourhood revitalization

Neighbourhood Strategies

A series of neighbourhood strategy case studies from across Canada.

Neighbourhood Tools

Resources and tools to create a vibrant neighbourhood

Neighbourliness CoP

Audio and Resources from our monthly Community of Practice calls.

Neighbours: Policies & Programs 2015

Resources from our event in June, 2015

Neighbours: Programs and Policies 2013

Resources from our event in June, 2013


Resources on planning and design of public spaces


A selection of recipes and stories used to build community

Sharing Stories

Tools and resources on the importance of story-telling

The Seeker's Journal Archive

An archive of our monthly e-newsletter

Working for a Better World

Resources about collective vision and collective altruism to make positive change