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Neighbourhood Strategy Leaders CoP

Tamarack would like to contribute our leadership, through the Deepening Community Learning Community, to convene the leaders responsible for developing and supporting the implementation of robust neighbourhood strategies, policies and plans into an online

Leadership, Neighbours Christie Nash 3 Join
Community: Programs and Policies 2014

A way for community leaders to connect, share ideas and resources leading up to and following this year's gathering (June 23-26th).

Collective Altruism, Community Fear, Community Life, Engagement, Faith, Family, Food, Groups, Happiness, I, Identity, Innovation, Leadership, Loneliness, Movies Rachel Elizabeth 14 Join
Indigene Community

Devoted to compiling humanity's worldwide universal 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') heritage for abundance, peace & sustainability. All of us will do well to learn about humanity's long-time traditions of peace, prosperity & sustainable living. w

Community Life Douglas Jack 2 Join
Share Experiences of Visits to Communities

Exchange information about visits to and conversations with well-established and forming communities.

ruthtrees 9 Join
Community Building with Crafts

A group for crafters who want to share ideas for community building.

Community Life JillPP 5 Join
Intentional Living

A group for people interested in intentional living, co-housing, collective ownership, co-operative living and other options for living in community.

Belonging, Collaboration, Community Life, Engagement, Innovation, Neighbours, Social Change Anonymous 5 Join

We all strive to "be happy" but what does that mean? Share your thoughts on the pursuit and evaluation of happiness.

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Food and Recipes

Breaking bread together is a tradition across many cultures and communities. Share food-related stories, ideas and recipes here at our virtual potluck!

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Family, Friends and Neighbours

Our first community is the one we are born into. We then become part of other communities - from who we befriend to where we live -sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident, sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Share your stories of personal community.

Anonymous 6 Join

Even in community, loneliness is possible.

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Engagement & Collaboration, Leadership & Innovation - Creating social change

For those in the process of establishing active community groups/initiatives who want to share their challenges and successes as they move towards change.

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Community Life

Want to understand better what makes community happen? How communities function? What each of us can do to strengthen communal ties? Join us in general discussion of community.

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Books and Movies

A source for sharing links or reviews of those books, films and other media that educate and inspire on the theme of community.

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Altruism/Collective Altruism

A place where those who are interested in the concept and practice of altruism can share thoughts and resources.

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Engaging the Youth - Experiences at Jubilee Partners

A group of young folks take a trip down to Georgia to visit Jubilee!

Community Life Anonymous 6 Join
Seeking Community

For people who want more community in their lives

Paul Born 27 Join