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Turf, Trust and Collaboration: Practical Tools for Building Trust

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Liz Weaver
Regina, SK

This workshop will provide participants with simple, practical tools and approaches to building trust. Participants will be able to bring these back into their collaborative efforts and renew engagement and shared ownership. 

In August 2017, the Tamarack Institute’s Liz Weaver published a paper called Turf, Trust, Co-Creation and Collective Impact.  This ground-breaking paper explores the interconnected relationship between the act of building trust and collaborative success and impact. 

"Authentic community change moves at the speed of trust. And yet, we spend so little time and focus on intentionally building trust amongst partners."

Increasingly, communities are using collaboration to tackle some of their most complex issues. We often dive into collaboration without truly understanding or embracing the human side of this work. We focus more on the output or outcome rather than the process which is to the detriment of all of us. In managing complexity, we know that we must bring different voices and experiences to the table. How can we do this effectively when we don’t build practices which engage others and build trust.

This interactive workshop focuses on the core leadership competency of trust building.  Collaborative success requires the engagement and commitment of partners to the common cause.  Lack of trust can take collaborative efforts off track.  But little attention is payed to actions which build trust, create connections and deal with mistrust.  Participants in the workshop will walk away with ideas, tools and approaches to effectively engage diverse community partners and intentionally build trusting relationships and collaborative impact.  Come prepared to share your experiences and insights in how to build trust.

What Will I Learn?

This day-long workshop will be filled with both content and practical tools and take-aways that participants will be able to use in their collaborative efforts or in their workplaces. 

Spend the day with Liz and experience:

  • Building Engagement and Ownership through The Four Agendas – our partners at Co-Creative Consulting have developed a useful way of building agendas differently. Learn how to build an agenda that builds trust and engagement.

  • Befriending your Nemisis: Working with Friends Allies and Enemies – this practical tool helps participants reframe the perceived negative qualities of individuals who challenge you. 
  • Deepening Engagement through Simple Processes: Check in and Check Outs; Why is it important that I am here?; Personal Assets Inventory  participants will experience quick and useful techniques designed to bridge differences and build ownership. 
  • Building commitment through a shared story – The Journey Map is a useful tool to document progress and build a shared path forward.
  • Counterbalancing efforts through TRIZ – this Liberating Structures tool is a fun way to discover what is not working effectively and then develop appropriate change strategies.
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – the Leadership Self Assessment Tool identifies six core competencies that all leaders should have including building trust. Workshop participants will focus on the trust competency and identify their strengths and challenges in this area.


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