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Cultivating Leadership Without Limits

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Phyllis Alexander, Hasshan Batts, Oliver Reilly

Community changemakers know how powerful it is when content experts and “context experts” – those who live in the community – can learn, think and lead together.  Realizing this commitment – particularly the authentic engagement of context experts – however is something that many communities struggle with.

Leadership Without Limits is an inspiring new initiative being developed in Pennsylvania aimed at developing non-traditional leaders in their community and helping them to create and grow their networks of support.  The initiative’s tag line – An investment in you is an investment in the world – signals the expectation that those who participate in Leadership Without Limits will, in turn, offer their leadership in service of their neighbourhood and their community.

In this webinar, Hasshan Batts and Phyllis Alexander, the driving force behind Leadership Without Limits, joined by Oliver Reilly, will share the intent, values, and core design elements of their initiative. They will highlight why and how their curriculum begins with Storyhealing, a unique process that sets the foundation for the courageous leadership that is found by leading from one’s vulnerabilities.  They will also share stories of what is already starting to ripple out from their first cohort of twenty non-traditional community leaders and give you a snapshot of their hopes for the future.


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