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In 2012, in an attempt to gain a better understanding of how to build deeper and stronger communities, Tamarack launched a campaign to host 1,000 conversations in communities across Canada.  Emerging from these conversations are incredible stories from people who shared of communities coming together in times of need and opportunity.  It also presented common themes of a sense of belonging, the importance of building on community assets, and how creating a shared vision of what community looks like can be a powerful exercise in people working together to create a better world.

Three years later, these conversations are continuing.  At the heart, this project creates an opportunity to think and act differently together: recognizing that no one sector, working alone, can effectively address complex community issues.

Please explore the profiles of these communities and discover what has emerged from their conversations.

Community Profiles:

Delburne, Alberta

:  830 People (2011 Census)

Timeline:  In late October 2013, the Village of Delburne and Tamarack began a partnership to gather a series of community conversations. Over a four-month period, 20 conversations took place with approximately 260 people and 245 surveys were completed.

Partners: Tamarack partnered with a local leadership team, including: Nora Smith of Delburne FCSS


  • 20 Community Conversations held with 260 people involved in total
  • 245 surveys; 115 participated in a conversation and 130 got their photograph taken, but were not in a conversation
  • That means, there were approximately 400 people involved in this process, which is 48% of Delburne’s population.

Grey-Bruce County, Ontario

 92,568 People (2011 Census)

Timeline:  In spring of 2014, Grey-Bruce Public Health and Tamarack began a partnership to launch a Community Conversations Project. Over a six-month period, 47 conversations took place with approximately 407 people across 10 sectors.  and 351 surveys were completed.

Partners:  Tamarack partnered with a local leadership team, including: Grey Bruce Public Health and Healthy Communities


A total of 47 different Community Conversations were hosted across the region. These conversations: 

  • Involved a total of 407 individuals
  • 72% of participants were female, 27% were male and 1% were unknown
  • 9 Sectors/Perspectives were engaged (People with disabilities, youth, faith communities, citizens’ groups, seniors, non-profits, municipalities, new moms/young families, arts and culture)
  • 351 Surveys were completed