Submitted by Word Sculptress on July 19, 2016 - 3:33am
Change Your Words, Change Your World

Shift is a creative tool for expanding consciousness. Through thought-provoking questions, stories, illustrations, and poetry, Shift draws out new ways of thinking about old challenges. Its purpose is to bring powerful peace to the reader and powerful peace to the planet, one reader at a time.

The book is unique in using words to look at words, meanings, human perception, emotions, and actions. Its words are not Truth; they are catalysts helping readers find their own truths.

Shift includes:

*Optical illusions


*Ink blots

*Cloud patterns

*A human consciousness diagram

*A discussion of the Human Truth Puzzle that has been solved over and over by person after person, but cannot be adequately communicated using words and symbols.

*A startling new meaning to the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche similar to the startling new meaning Dan Brown gave to The Last Supper in The Da Vinci Code.