The Philanthropist Vol 26 No 1 Summer 2014

Submitted by lgemmel on July 14, 2014 - 9:36am
Special Issue on Collective Impact

I have just completed an assignment as Guest Editor of a special issue of The Philanthropist focussing on Collective Impact.  These ten articles, primarily from a Canadian perspective but also including an update from Australia and a Q&A with John Kania and Faye Hanleybrown from FSG, explore many aspects and challenges of applying the collective impact framework to significant social and environmental issues.  In several cases, the authors provide a restrospective analysis of initiatives that began long before the term "Collective Impact" was coined by Kania and Kramer in 2011, but still have an uncanny simularity to the approach and provide us with further insights into the conditions and pre-conditions for success. 

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