Exploring Community Hubs

Examples, resources and stories from our Neighbourliness Community of Practice

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A recording from our Neighbours Community of Practice where we explored community hubs through the stories and experiences of three individuals/groups in our CoP. This call is full of great resources and tools for neighbourhood organizers!

During this call we heard from these three individuals/groups:

#1- Dawn Grant and Bryan Ledgerwood from North Hamilton Community Health Centre and Pathways to Education who share about their work in creating neighbourhood hubs in Hamilton. They share:

What does community hub mean?

The history and development of community hubs in Hamilton.

How to map assets in communities?


#2- Cheryl Lyon from Peterborough shares about her community hub experience through the Repurposing of George St.United Church. She shares:

The process of invoving the church congregrants with sensitivity in this repurposing process

Examples from her experience in Peterborough

#3- Elizabeth Boston from United Way Kitchener-Waterloo. She shares:

The process of creating/establishing the process for a Waterloo community hub that is in its early stages


Here are the audio clips from this call:

Part 1

Part 2


Here are additional resources from the folks who presented:

Presentation #1- Dawn and Bryan:

Statistics for the drive behind Hub formation and the Neighbourhood Action Strategy (interactive map!): http://media.metroland.com/thespec.com/statistics_flash/

 Video on the Neighbourhood Action Strategy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLLzsDp7pdw&feature=youtu.be

 Hub/neighbourhood boundaries in Hamilton: http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/C90CA6B4-C6C0-4D91-9D3D-06F924D7D56E/0/NeighbourhoodActionmapRevisedJuly2013.pdf

 Keith neighbourhood action plan: http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/66866384-76E3-4DB8-82D4-86B77D5A687B/0/Keith_NAP_BookletSingle.pdf

 The Neighbourhood Action Planning Toolkit that I discussed in our call: http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/EE0282F6-460F-4785-ADC8-AF94DB82A336/0/NAPToolkit.pdf  

 Also, several City of Hamilton resources:http://www.hamilton.ca/ProjectsInitiatives/NeighbourhoodDevelopment

Attached is an Implementation Activity Tracker based on one of the initiatives in the Keith action plan.


Presentation #2: Cheryl:


Attached Presentation


Presentation #3: Elizabeth:

Attached Powerpoint Presentation (see below, "Waterloo United Way Hub ppt")