Collaboration: The Courage to Step into a Meaningful Mess

Submitted by vanessa reid on July 3, 2011 - 11:57am

What makes collaboration worth it?
Over the past year, we (at the HUB) have been working to build what we have come to name a talent collaboracy – that is a collaboration agency and talent laboratory that brings together
and draws on the diverse talents that we find within our community. 

Why might we be doing this? We are already a Hub – which is by definition the meeting point of
multidisciplinary social innovators dedicated to world-changing initiatives.  Well, we have
found out that while collaboration seems to be the easy answer to most problems, it
isn’t a very easy practice.  And so we set out to learn more about how it is that we can
better serve communities and organisations in creating the conditions for collaboration
where it is most needed.  We share here the lessons learned from our own experience
and reflection.

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