101 Paths to Peace, Power, and Prosperity

Submitted by Word Sculptress on July 27, 2016 - 10:21am

Everyone wants a peaceful, prosperous world. What if there are ways to make it happen?

There’s one frontier that’s never been overcome – global human consciousness. Many have mastered their own consciousness, but a peaceful world needs all of us. Are you part of this evolution? Of course you are.

Wherever you are in your self-mastery, consider taking another step by applying these ideas to your everyday life. One step leads to the next. The acorn grows to a mighty oak. The tiny mustard seed becomes a magnificent plant.

You are part of this growth and abundance. You too, can contribute to the creation of a peaceful, prosperous world.

As you begin exploring these ideas, allow yourself to relax, play with them and tweak them. As you continue to explore, uncover, and share the many facets of your own unique creative spirit, that spirit enriches both you and the world.

Wishing you peace, power, and prosperity!