A picture of community through the eyes of the YWCA-KW Women

Submitted by YWCA-KW on April 21, 2013 - 9:41pm
A conversation with women in KW

Recently a group of young woman who are part of one of the YWCA's program groups got together for a conversation on community.  The conversation was so rich that it was extended over to separate sessions.  Below are two wordles that were created based on the minutes from these conversations.  They highlight the key themes that came out of the conversations.

Lincoln, together, community, women, building, road and help, the most commonly used words, were taken out of the equation creating a new picture that highlight more themes from the conversation.

 For more information on the conversations that took place, see this blog entry!


Neat Wordles!

Thanks for sharing the thngs spoken about in a wordle- neat idea!

It would be great to pull out a few of these themes and highlight some of the dicussion that toook place, too. Looking forward to reading more!

I'm curious- is "Lincoln" referring to Ab Lincoln?

Looking forward to the blog post

That is indeed a beautiful picture, I am looking forward to the blog reflection Adria.  I know when we last talked you mentioned that some women who could not make the second discussion wanted to be interviewed.  How did those go?  What is YWCA-KW hoping to do with the information from these discussion and interviews?


Thank you! Blog post is up :)

Thank you for creating the wordles Derek! It is very powerful. I posted my blog reflection, which includes what YWCA-KW is hoping to get out of the conversation. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to arrange individual interviews with the women who could not contribute in the group sessions as of yet, but I have heard similar themes when talking to them in passing.

Can't wait to read more!


So looking forward to hearing more of the reflections from these conversations!