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Community Development - an age old solution

True development encompasses community, social, economic and spiritual foundations and begins with the basics of human need and relationships. Building community is fundamental to any healthy economy and vibrant society.

An Infinity Year

There is no doubt that a new world is emerging. The challenge for the many is to influence its reshaping so that it is a world beneficial for all; not just the few.

Timelessness – a key to the future

Imagining a world where every person matters, where a healthy environment is essential and where benefits are shared equitably is not such a stretch and certainly not a new concept. The idea has been around for millennia, perhaps since the beginning of human existence. It is a timeless concept and not a utopian dream nor an impossibility.

Life's Discoveries

At some point the inevitable must be accepted and the realization understood that in end what’s important is our humanness and nothing else.

Quiet Contemplation

There is need for reflection to what is happening around us, to our lives and to the world in which we live. More importantly, we need consider the impact on our humanness.

Power and its Abuse

It is evident that we need to restructure democratic governance so that it begins with people, is vested in their communities and provides genuine shared responsibilities and powers with any other necessary levels of governments.

A Future Inhibited by the Past

History and the communities that it created, unlike current consumer products, are not disposable, when no longer of immediate use.

Rooted in a Colonial Past

People are hard wired to be part of something. It is why family, community and some form of society are fundamentally important.

Community Generational Changes

A philosophy, much less a plan only has value if it is felt in the hearts of the people who believe.......

Community Fundamentals

There is need of a spiritual revolution, not one of violence, but of tolerance, kindness and care. These are the foundations of community.