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Vickie Cammack's blog

Do You See What I See?

A few months ago at the start of a busy day I gave my feisty ninety year old mother a call.

The 'C' In Canada Stands for Caring

We cannot deny that we are a country with a caring majority, a country where almost every citizen freely and naturally cares for their friends family members, neighbours and co-workers who are elderly, sick, disabled or down on their luck.

The Hidden Value of Care

Everyday caring is hard to talk about. We have to pick our way though limited vocabulary to reflect the value, meaning and struggle of our caring without inadvertently casting ourselves as heroes or martyrs.

The Right to Care, Naturally

Human rights never stand alone. They always come with obligations. Love and obligation are things every natural caregiver understands very, very well. There is nothing more natural and more human than taking care.

Art, Science and Community Connections

There is art and science in the work of weaving relationships. At heart the work is paradoxical. It requires a big vision and many small micro actions. It requires unfailing belief and comfort with ambiguity. It calls for rigour, strategy and flexibility.

Unwrapping the Gift of Hospitality

Hospitality is about generosity, security, refreshment and refuge. It maintains and deepens bonds among family, friends, and offers protection, provision, and respect to strangers. It is a source of trust, connection, and social cohesion