We Are Dying to Live

Submitted by vanessa reid on June 6, 2011 - 4:20am
since the beginning of this year we have witnessed the powerful impact of people standing up for a new way of living

i am recently back from work in Greece and the UK and wow, things are really happening.  people are standing up for the life, world, community they wish to see.  in Athens,  there are thousands of people in the Syntagma square practicing democracy collectively - it is self-organizing, citizen-led and it is incredible to witness.  i was there for a night only, and as waves of people kept coming into the square, there was a deep sense of purpose, celebration, coherence, and safety.  people were taking care of each other.

it is Greece reclaiming its heritage as pioneers of democracy, and it is young and old leading the way with celebration and song, intelligence, savvy, social media, hosting, generosity and courage.  there is a core team of 200 people who then organize with hundreds of others into different sub-teams to take care of the space, the time, the themes, the fun, the people, the future (food supply, communication, political philosophy, medical care, emergency response). in this way, they are hosting and prototyping the political transformation in Greece. 

"It is amazing how people started believing in each other,“ says Odysseus, a 26 year-old Athenian, who is part of the self organising group that is holding the People's Assembly every night...

they are weaving the old with the new ~ weaving ancient lineage with the modern by threading together the diversity of practices and people that are present in Greece today.  my friends Maria, Sarah, Anthi and Odysseus will be hosting a World Cafe with 1000 people in the main square. they say, in fact, there are actually hundreds of conversations happening organically already - the Greeks know how to do this.  each night, there is a time for speaking and listening to propositions, voting, decision-making. creating such a "minimal optimal structure" for on-going participation allows for a continuous, emerging coherence as to what they are calling in. 

as Maria says, "...this is a story of the resurgence of Hellenic Democracy - with a new collective consciousness - that everyone knows is bigger than any one of us.  Those that called this and are giving shape to this democratic architecture know that it is running ahead of them - there is no holding it back.  A new democratic governance pattern is being practiced - a new constitution is being birthed - we are becoming the democracy we want."

this organic World Cafe style is a way of accessing a collective's intelligence through conversation, dialogue, learning together and hosting each other. and it is gorgeous, especially as Greek hospitality is a core part of its culture - so how can Greece host itself?  how can it reclaim its autonomy and heritage and live it in a new way, cleansing itself of the corruption that has debilitated its systems, eradicating the constaints of the IMF, honouring the pain and beauty of its past and tapping the enormous potential?

"I am not sure we will change the whole system, but I know we are cultivating hope and we will be able to say that we began something that our children and their children saw through," says Odysseus.

these are the real-time practices of life, participation and community, and it is life and death actually.  it is not a simulation. people are willing to die for a new way of living.  they are modeling what it is to be willing to live for Life. 

it is a time of witnessing the breaking down of systems that no longer serve life. a time of hospicing this dying in us and around us. our own souls call us forward to align even more with life.  we shed a skin, pass a threshold and step in ...  another way is possible, we can live it another way. we can make our lives with our own hands, stich our lineages together with the alchemy of life to create a new world order...

we are dying to live. 

Cultivating hope

Thank you, Vanessa. This is a beautiful story of "cultivating hope." What a marvelous phrase! Your reflection cultivated some hope in me. Our world certainly needs a lot more of it.