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Radical Amazement and Cooking with Intention

Have you ever REALLY looked at the miracle that is a carrot? Bringing intention and a sense of wonder does more than calm the mind and spirit - it nourishes our bodies, souls and inspires our senses, including our taste buds.

What is Your Practice in Chaotic Times?

What happens when our systems really break, show their cracks and begin to crumble? What are your practices, as individuals and collectives, that sustain us during massive moments of change or throughout transitions, when that which we have known is no longer and the future is uncertain?

The Alchemy of Community

It is not the sum of all the tasks well done that makes the difference but the collective belief that this endeavour and our efforts will yield a certain kind of alchemy. That something will shift, in our own hearts or in the lives of others as a result of giving and receiving from each other.

Relationship is the New Currency

The relationship between self and other, between ourselves and the earth, and between friends. This is an economy of the heart, and I recognize that is where I am most wealthy.

Sometimes when in Circle...

Sometimes when in Circle, the voices of the individuals really do make a collective weave that transcends time and space. It is a glimpse of our greatest potential... We know that we are not alone. Our voices can tap into our deepest wisdom and create a collective tapestry so far beyond what we, on our own, can access.

Hermitage of the Soul

The practice of living with and listening to the natural rhythms of life demands a kind of sacred re-structuring, a renovation of my own ley-lines deep within my soul ~ and a faith that I am being, rather than doing, the work that needs to be done.

Hand-making our Lives

the vote in the UN as to whether Palestine is an autonomous state brings up many questions as to where authority and power lies today, especially as we see citizens all over the world taking their lives and futures into their hands ~ what kind of authority can we claim for ourselves, and how do we do it collectively?

The Art of Collaborative Leadership

Being together with our deepest questions, our vulnerabilities and open hearts gets us to what is really real in our work, and in our lives. This allows us to lead from a very, very powerful place. It is not "what can i get from this", but who can we become by really showing up to deeply serve the need that is there?"

Toppling My Tower

there is a kind of “collective authenticity” moving in the world right now where inner values and outer actions are lining up. we can sense something new is forming and it illuminates the mis-alignment of many of our current systems.

Practicing Conscious Closure

Too often endings mean “foreclosure”; however, when we look at endings as essential to beginnings, dying as a natural phase of ongoing life - indeed as the transformative element for renewal- then we have many choices in how we move through such transitions in our work and lives.