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'We' Quotes

Submitted by Tamarack on February 12, 2014 - 9:09am
To inspire you on your journey of working together

There is an innate need in our heart to identify with a group, both for protection and for security, to discover and affirm our identity, and to use the group to prove our worthiness and goodness, indeed, even to prove that we are better than others.

~ Jean Vanier – Becoming Human

I need to explore the We. To relearn the skills of being together in such a way that we can give community a chance to emerge.

These are times of massive change fueled by environmental destruction, terrorism, globalization, war, and a world food crisis. These are chaotic times causing people to feel disconnected, afraid and alone.

In times like this it is natural to reach out to each other for security, sense making and belonging. Many years of not really needing each other, relying on government intervention and embracing individualism and consumerism have left us with out the skills or resources for community. Our neighborhoods are not designed for connection, television and other individual pursuits have stripped us of the skills to play together, to learn together to embrace and need each other.

~ Paul Born during a brief moment of wisdom

In the end, these things matter most:

How well did we love?
How fully did we live?
How deeply did we learn to let go?

~ Buddha