Much Joy - The Seekers Journal Summer 2011

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The Seekers Journal - Summer 2011

Dandeloin in sunlightSummer is a time when many of us take the opportunity to slow down. We lounge on front porches, picnic in parks and visit more with friends, family and neighbours in the glorious outside world.

Join us online in our summer edition as members reflect on the season and the joy of relationships. The warmth of summer can bring a brightness and beauty to our collective lives but it also seems the additional sunlight can illuminate the corners that need tending to. We hope you'll join us on this journey and share your comments, stories and insights online as we continue to explore and learn together.


Much Joy [By: Paul Born]

To say I love summer is far too easy. I mean I LOVE summer and the heat and energy it brings with it. The sun, the activity, the neighbours, the friends and the parties all act as a perfect marriage for community and of course the joy that comes with it. This summer I am going to explore the relationship between joy and community and write about it as often as I can here at seeking community. Do join me - I would LOVE to hear your wisdom and experiences to help fuel my journey. Read More >> | Engage with Paul >>

Vanessa Reid Toppling My Tower
By: Vanessa Reid
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Joyce Hollyday
Laura Stavro-Beauchamp It Takes a Village to Raise a Child
By: Laura Stavro-Beauchamp
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Children - Building a Classroom Community

ChildrenA teaching resource to help build community within the classroom. This piece outlines strategies and provides situational examples for modeling that can be used to encourage the community spirit in primary age students. Read More >>

Documents - What Makes A Canadian Community Great?

IIn this piece published in the Globe and Mail the author considers communities across Canada and the significance of interaction, acceptance, green space and walkability. Through interviews with community leaders she examines the evolution of Canadian communities and what that means for their development and greatness. Read More >


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  • Nov 29-Dec 1, 2011: Evaluating Community Impact

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