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Helping People Make Positive Changes in Their Lives

Submitted by Tamarack on March 17, 2017 - 6:45am
2017 Resilience Festival in Guelph, ON

In the face of today's political and environmental landscape, it can be hard for people to know how to make positive changes in their lives. The Resilience Festival presented by Transition Guelph focuses on just that - small scale positive actions that are accessible and allow people to live more lightly and more richly in our community.

Since 2010, Transition Guelph has enthusiastically joined with many community collaborators and partners with a common purpose of building a sustainable city. Everyone is invited to take part as the festival aims to be educational and transformational - full of events and activities that celebrate and showcase how far we have all come as a community. Transition Guelph believes that the passion to make change exists in all of us, and we want to provide the opportunity for each member of our community to become engaged. For many, the Resilience Festival is the first step to getting involved in making the change they want to see. Transition Guelph has partnered with some key individuals and organizations including eMERGE Guelph, Seedy Saturday, GCAT, 10 Carden, and more.

"This year's festival covers so many important topics that we think are important to everyone", explains Kelly Smith who co-leads this year's festival. "We are talking about green energy and buildings, compassionate communication, active transportation, local food systems - all important issues that need to be addressed. But we also make time for celebration! The Earth Hour Potluck, Repair Cafe, Reskilling Festival, and Seedy Saturday bring people together to connect as a community. We hope that everyone in Guelph will find something that helps them connect to creating a resilient community in our city and learning about ways that they can contribute!"

With over 20 scheduled events over the weekend, the Resilience Festival has also partnered with other organizations that are working to create the same kind of community. Transition Guelph believes that collaboration is an important part of creating a sustainable community. For those who are looking to lend a hand, the festival is actively recruiting volunteers to help out during the festival, or if you are able to contribute financially to help cover the costs of the event, Transition Guelph is hosting a crowd funding campaign with some great perks for contributors. You can learn more at the festival website at to see a full listing of events and event descriptions.

About Transition Guelph

Transition Guelph is part of a growing movement of people around the world who come together to address some of the most pressing issues of our time through building community, sharing new skills, and taking care of one another at the local level. TG is a volunteer led, bottom up organization, which means that the projects and programs are all inspired by, designed, and led by volunteers who are passionate about making positive change in our community. Our current projects and working groups cover topics such as urban food, local economy, healthy buildings, storytelling, inner transition, and more.