20 Things You Can Do When You Know Someone's Gift

Submitted by Tamarack on May 14, 2014 - 5:42pm
A great resource from the Abundant Community Site

The following list includes examples of the wide variety of ways—some quick and some more involved— you can use knowledge of a person’s core gift to help them build internal resilience and healthy participation in their community.

There is an initial “ah-ha” that can be very powerful when a person first discovers their core gift, but that is just the beginning. The more attention you help the person to focus on their gift, the more they become aware of it’s usefullness and can benefit from it. There is no step-by-step procedure.

The idea is to do whatever makes sense in your relationship with the person.

None of these activities is “better” or “more powerful” than any other item on the list. What looks useful to you?

Read the whole list and decide: What looks useful to you?



Resource from the Abundant Community Site

Written by Bruce Anderson:


Bruce Anderson is a nationally recognized speaker, community activist and leadership coach.  Equally at home in remote villages and urban communities, he is known for blending old stories and wisdom, along with modern organizing strategies, into the asset-based community development and social service innovation work he is so passionate about. Learn more about Bruce and his work on Facebook and on the Community Activators website.


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The Norm

Number 5 on this list ("Introduce the person to others by first describing his/her gift") is a simple yet counter-intuitive action. It reminds me of all the 'norms' that people subscribe to unconsciously.  Think of the deep conversations that could result from a gathering where people start conversations with "what are your gifts?" instead of "what do you do for a living?".