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Exploring the Collective Impact Opportunity

A diverse group of 40 learners traveled from across Labrador’s Northern Peninsula to explore Collective Impact was a useful framework for helping advance the work of their Wellness Coalition.

Exploring Belonging in Kitchener-Waterloo

We Can Design Belonging, a report recently released by the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation, researched the experience of belonging for residents of Kitchener, Waterloo and Woolwich and outlines an approach to improving people’s sense of belonging in their region.

College Social Life Can Predict Well-being at Midlife

A new study published by the University of Rochester highlights the long-term benefits of creating a robust social network in your early adulthood.

Valuing the Intangible: The Impact of Deepening Community

The choice to deepen community is, on the one hand, so incredibly ordinary. On the other hand, strengthening connection to our neighbours and choosing to invest in the strengthening of social ties within communities is proving to be an important strategy for achieving meaningful impact on a range of complex community issues.

Valuing the Intangible

The choice to deepen community – connecting with family and friends; sharing stories with neighbours; or enjoying local celebrations – is, on the one hand, incredibly ordinary. On the other hand, strengthening connection to our neighbours and investing in the social ties of our community is proving to be an important strategy.

An Innovation in Caring for Vulnerable Seniors

This innovative program for vulnerable seniors shows how regular visits from paramedics are helping them to live longer in their own homes. The program is also cost-effective.

Enhancing Community Well-Being: The Collective Impact Opportunity

This post contains the presentation, Enhancing Community Well-Being: The Collective Impact Opportunity, and additional links shared by Sylvia Cheuy at PRO Ontario's 2015 Educational Forum.

Baltimore Neighbourhoods Improving Opportunities for Babies

Antoine Dow
B'More for Healthy Babies is a collaborative project operating in two Baltimore neighbourhoods that has achieved positive results in improving the health of its youngest citizens and their families. It is led by the office of the Mayor in partnership with the Family League of Baltimore and Baltimore City Health Department.

The Power of Measuring Volunteer Impact

This story tells how a volunteer service club's work was affirmed by the use of quantitative data which demonstrated its impact and helped its volunteers to measure their success.

Every Town Needs a Doc

What makes where we live great? I think it's the people. Our community is blessed with dynamic people who are willing work together to make good things happen. In my community, there is no greater community-builder than long-time Rotarian Doc Gillies. This video shares Doc's 10 Principles for Being an Effective Community-Builder.