Old-Time Dances: Collaboration in Motion

Submitted by sylvia cheuy on May 29, 2012 - 12:57pm
This video illustrates how country dancing builds community

A great dance is a collaborative experience with the musicians, caller and dancers moving in rhythmical patterns to the musical beat. Connection, cooperation and collaboration are all required to create a wonderful dance experience. Attending an old-time barn dance is one of the best ways to experience collaboration in motion: building awareness of the parts and the whole and experiencing the excitement and sense of accomplishment, when it all comes together.

This video clip, featuring Country Dance Caller Lorraine Sutton, illustrates how these events build community and offer wonderful opportunities to experience “collaboration in motion”.

Dust off your dancing shoes and come on out. Go here to find links to Country Dance opportunities across Canada!


Now I'm inspired to go to a contra dance again. Thank you! It's been over 10 years.

As an introvert I find that 60-90 min is my max to enjoy it so I should just leave then rather than staying too long and not enjoying it in the end.