Baltimore Neighbourhoods Improving Opportunities for Babies

Submitted by sylvia cheuy on February 9, 2015 - 5:01pm
Resources from the Power & Possibility of Community Engagement Workshops – January 28-30, 2015

Two neighbourhoods in Baltimore are making positive progress in improving health outcomes for their youngest residents, those under 1 year of age.  In 2010, following the news that the City of Baltimore’s infant mortality rate was the 4th worst in the United States, a collaborative effort known as B’More for Healthy Babies was launched in two of the city’s priority neighbourhoods: Upton-Druid Park and Patterson Park. 

Led by the Office of the Mayor, with co-leadership from The Family League of Baltimore and the Baltimore City Health Department, the goal of B’More for Healthy Babies is that “all of Baltimore’s babies are born at a healthy weight, full term, and ready to thrive in healthy families.

The project was launched in 2009 and collaborates with 150 community partners and residents to raise awareness and ensure that all are informed about the issues contributing to infant mortality, and have access to a range of programs and services to ensure all infants and their families are supported to achieve optimum health.


In six years, B’More for Healthy Babies has already generated some impressive results.  These include:

  • A 24% decrease in infant mortality
  • A 32% decrease in teen pregnancy
  • A 10% decrease in low birth-weight
  • A decrease in the racial disparity between white and black infants by almost 40%; and,
  • A decrease in number of sleep-related deaths – which has been the biggest contributor to lower infant mortality in Baltimore

B’more for Healthy Babies is now working with Tamarack to develop a Community Engagement Strategy which will enable them to continue to sustain their positive progress and collaborate with neighbourhood residents to further embed the skills and knowledge of their project within these neighbourhoods. 


 At a recent Community Engagement Workshop, Tamarack complied and shared the following presentations and resources with the B’More for Healthy Babies staff and community partners.  Below you will find links to the various resources used or profiled during this workshop: