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Tamarack Welcomes Christie Nash

Tamarack welcomes the newest member of the Seeking Community team!

Why Citizens Should Prepare for Emergencies and How to Do It

This Community of Practice (CoP) is made up of peers from a variety of sectors who are committed to sharing and learning from one another to accelerate their collective understanding of the role of citizens and communities in preparing for emergencies and share their learning and insights across the field.

Connecting Lakeside

This blog profiles a dynamic Local Deepening Community Initiative called Connecting Lakeside -- which was the result of a unique action learning partnership between the Regional Municipality of York Region and Tamarack.

Reflections on a Funder's Role as a Strategic Investor in Community Change

This blog explores the role of a funder as a strategic investor in a citizen-led community change effort. The strategic investor role involves a relationship with the grantee that is not found in a typical funder role. Insights and needed skills to be effective in the strategic investor role in a community change efforts are highlighted.

Our Growing Understanding of Community Well-Being

This blog profiles the newly released Handbook of Community Well-Being Research and, specifically the chapter entitled A Citizen-Led Approach to Community Well-being that profiles the leadership role of a diverse group of citizens to create the first-ever Headwaters Community Well-Being Report

Why Community Resilience Matters

The idea of community resilience has been emerging more often with members of the Deepening Community Practice Area. So, recently, I dove more deeply into this concept wanting to understand why it was capturing attention. I wrote the article, The Case for Cultivating Community Resilience, to share some of what I discovered.

Lonely? Seeking Community? There’s an App for that!

Here is a selection of apps that can be used to reach out to others in a variety of ways.

Social Innovation: Lessons for Communities

Community Innovation
This blog explores 4 insights drawn from the field of social innovation that offer a useful lens to inspire us to think critically about the work of community innovation.

Hammers, Saws and the Work of Deepening Community

Renowned community builder John McKnight uses the analogy of hammers and saws to highlight an important distinction between the "tool" of community and the "tool" of service delivery organizations in the building of strong communities.

The Case for Cultivating Community Resilience

Communities today are shaped and impacted by a myriad of complex issues and their ability to respond effectively. Community that are resilient have the ability to sustain a sense of hope and purpose while adapting creatively in the face of challenges.