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Tamarack Welcomes Christie Nash

Tamarack welcomes the newest member of the Seeking Community team!

Why Community Resilience Matters

The idea of community resilience has been emerging more often with members of the Deepening Community Practice Area. So, recently, I dove more deeply into this concept wanting to understand why it was capturing attention. I wrote the article, The Case for Cultivating Community Resilience, to share some of what I discovered.

Lonely? Seeking Community? There’s an App for that!

Here is a selection of apps that can be used to reach out to others in a variety of ways.

Social Innovation: Lessons for Communities

Community Innovation
This blog explores 4 insights drawn from the field of social innovation that offer a useful lens to inspire us to think critically about the work of community innovation.

Hammers, Saws and the Work of Deepening Community

Renowned community builder John McKnight uses the analogy of hammers and saws to highlight an important distinction between the "tool" of community and the "tool" of service delivery organizations in the building of strong communities.

The Case for Cultivating Community Resilience

Communities today are shaped and impacted by a myriad of complex issues and their ability to respond effectively. Community that are resilient have the ability to sustain a sense of hope and purpose while adapting creatively in the face of challenges.

A Story of Neighbourhood Civic Action

The Power of Civic Action just released by the Metcalf Foundation tells the inspiring story of the Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee whose leadership is credited with revitalizing the community’s park and creating an engine of economic, environmental, and social activity in their neighbourhood.

Deepening Community: Realizing the Possibility of Citizen Leadership

Sustain Ontario is committed to convening a diversity of stakeholders to explore innovative ways to transform Ontario's Food System - Together. This post contains the resources recently shared in a workshop presented at Sustain Ontario's 2015 Bring Food Home Conference in Sudbury Ontario.

Thinking and Acting Differently: The Collective Impact Opportunity

Access the presentation and resources developed for the PRO Ontario Workshop that explores opportunities to use the Collective Impact Framework to advance recreation and leisure initiatives in communities across Ontario.

Exploring the Collective Impact Opportunity

A diverse group of 40 learners traveled from across Labrador’s Northern Peninsula to explore Collective Impact was a useful framework for helping advance the work of their Wellness Coalition.