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Sharing Stories and Rituals

We started our conversation by sharing our own stories of community. It was surprising to hear that all of us had experience being in a close-knit community, whether it was an intentional community in Latin America, a small town where everyone knew everyone or a church family.

Lessons in Intentional Living

The core team went on a road trip to explore other intentional communities; to learn from them. They then came back and presented to the whole SILC team. Below are some of the key lessons that came forward with commentary from our discussion together.

SILC at Ann Arbor

Eleven members of the SILC community went down to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit 3 intentional communities that have been running very successfully for a couple of decades now. There was a lot for us to learn.

Reflections on Community

As I sit, Enza leads five other community members in an impromtu sunrise yoga class at the end of the dock. Eleven members...

Learn more about SILC

We are a group of Guelph residence who are in the process of creating an intentional community in the heart of the city. Come and learn more.

Building an Intentional Community

SILC is a group of Guelph residents who are creating an intentional community in the heart of the city. What follows is a timeline of our steps to date: