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Regenerativity, Resilience and Renewal

Submitted by Sienna Jae Taylor on June 7, 2016 - 4:38am
Placemaking and Reconciliation

You cannot have sustainability without regenerativity. To be regenerative involves a shift of mind from a reductionist industrial worldview to an enlivening worldview that is in harmony with how nature itself thinks and acts. This involves learning to adopt an Indigenous feeling for life.

There are many pressing problems and issues to solve in our country. But to begin, we need to establish mutual trust and understanding and create spaces and places where we can listen, share stories and renew our communities through learning and imagining together. 

In this second conversation in our Communities of Belonging learning series, Michael Jones is joined by Erin Dixon, Catherine Twinn and Bill Phipps to explore regenerativity, resilience and renewal. This insightful conversation acknowledges that we are all part of something that is much older, richer and deeper than we can imagine and asks how we can reconnect with place and nature in order to connect with ourselves and with one another. 

Please find attached conversation recording along with a number of links to other resources that emerged from the call:

Take a look at this short book list we've created from the call:

  • If this is Your Land, Where are Your Stories: Finding Common Ground by J. Edward Chamberlin
  • A House in the Sky: A Memoir by Amanda Lindhout
  • The Soul of Place: Re-imagining Leadership through Nature, Art and Community by Michael Jones

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