Connecting for Community: Cincinnati Ohio, April 24th-26th, 2013

Submitted by Anonymous on January 30, 2013 - 12:53pm
Second Annual Gathering of master and apprentice change agents Cincinnati Ohio, April 24th-26th, 2013.

Our themes this year are restoring commitment to the common good; and, making space and caring for the next generation. It is also a time to support the narrative of what is working in the world rather than what is wrong with it. 

 Making a difference in the world can be lonely work; Connecting for Community is a place of welcome, dialogue, and reflection with people doing amazing things. We guarantee you will meet people who will change your life.

 John McKnight, Peter Block, Angeles Arrien and Walter Brueggemann will join us again this year where they will be sharing their ideas, connections and extensive experience in community building. Other speakers this year include Harrison Owen, Avril Orloff, Barbara McAfee and Michael Jones. These speakers will incite a new way of thinking which will go with us out into our own communities and continue to work for a better world.

By working and engaging together, we can learn, challenge and support each other, building off our diverse backgrounds. It will inspire and revitalize everyone who partakes in this event.

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·         John, Peter and Angeles are also hosting a special conference call on March 6th, 2-3:30 PM ET.           We welcome you to join us for this call as well. Please register for this conference call                       at:

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