What is your ONE word for 2012?

Submitted by Raising the Village on January 19, 2012 - 1:42pm
Give Lengthy Goals Easy Traction!

January, often a time of year where resolutions have been set, new goals are declared and fresh beginnings are conjured. And for some, it can also be the time of year where juicy positive affirmations may already be losing a little of their traction. This can be true for individuals, groups and communities. Goals can be set out with strategic planning, active work plans and visions and missions. All of this goal setting holds structure and meaning, and sometimes we wonder if it’s easy to get lost in the VOLUME of goals.

Want an easy process to stay connected to the bigger picture?

 Pick ONE word that holds meaning to you (or your group). This word can act like the anchor that gives you that extra grip to your overarching direction.

Ask yourself (or your group):

·         What word describes what I (we) most want this year?

·         Who am I (or who are we) growing more into this year? What word captures that?

·         What difference do you most want to make or see?

·         What word portrays how I (we) want to “show up” in my (our) work and life?

Picking a word can give some easy clarity and constant guidance. If the intention is set simply it is more likely that more of that will happen and it will give easy access to the deeper things that guide you (like your group values, missions, plans). Stay open to the words that instinctually arrive and let it be the guide that holds traction for your 2012 directions.

Imagine if your team set a word of “vibrant” or “robust” to the top of every meeting agenda? Or if you asked each-other how “vibrancy” was showing up in the work plan? Talk about keeping on track to what really matters!  Find creative ways to stay connected to the word...or just like resolutions they will start to become hazy. Finding others to help hold accountability and curiosity in your word can be one such way.

So let’s play witness to each other’s powerful words.

Our two words for Raising the Village this year are GIFT and JOY!

Our intent is to gift (both create and share) more village raising information and resources to others and to continue to pursue activities (work, learning and play) that fill us up (bring joy to us and others).

We’d love to hear. What is your word?



My word is community and neighbour and friends and relationships and the word that marries all of these.

The joy of togetherness, enjoying each other, caring for one another and working together for a better world. For me it is the word of the decade and then some.


My word for this year is trust. I'm not sure why yet but it resonated with me like a gong in November when someone did a presentation on Stephen Covey's (Jr!) book on trust. I'm thinking that trust is key for community-building in a middle-class neighbourhood. Maybe for any neighbourhood but the one I'm working in is middle-class so that's where my head is. We don't physically or often socially NEED each other because we are well-connected and can pay for whatever we need so what do we need from community then? Maybe mutual trust.


My word is intentional.  It seems to be all-encompassing of my current hopes for my changes in the new year.  I want to think, live, speak and act intentionally.  Deliberately.

I want to be conscientious and intentional about as much as I can.  To try. To do small things for others.  To act less selfishly.  To dream broadly and and think critically but not let those dreams distract me from living those ideals out in the small details that they require to be brought to life.

I know it sounds cliche, but to live in the present.  To appreciate and engage in each day and its seemingly insignificant occurances.


Forgot to mention, but this is a really neat idea. A good excercise.